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A major data loss could be catastrophic for your business, so implementing a robust and comprehensive disaster recovery plan is essential to protect your mission-critical systems and data

Why is data backup important?

Losing your data and access to systems can be a disaster, knocking your business back months or even years operationally. The situation is  compounded by new compliance regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requiring businesses to manage their data more effectively and securely.


Data gets lost or deleted, often due to mistakes by end users. Of the 45% - 68% of UK SMBs’ who incur cyber security breaches, 39% will experience a data or resource loss event, that costs money, time and lost opportunities. Without an effective back-up solution you could be in trouble. A single recovery can be more expensive than an entire year of a back-up solution, not to mention intangibles such as lost trust from clients.


UK businesses 'leaving data at risk' 1


of SME's don't have an incident response plan in place 2


MSPs report that victimized clients with a Disaster Recovery plan in place recovered from the attack in 24 hours, or less 3

can you afford to be without lost data?

It can take hours or even days for IT Support to recover a single file without a backup solution in place. Even with a backup solution, it could still take hours, depending on workload, whether the file is on a tape or server, on or off site. A cloud backup can recover a file in minutes, and can even be done by an end user.


Backup is the replication of your original files on a different location or device. It is only the first step of a Disaster Recovery Plan. Your plan provides a process to recover all your files and data easily and quickly, without corruption. Imagine the horror of replacing a server, re-installing software and data, and then configuring all the set-up according to your setting and preferences. Cumbersome! Having a disaster recovery strategy in place will enable your organisation to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disruption.


Don’t let a disaster put you out of business!


Whether you choose to have your data backed up in the cloud, locally on your own systems or prefer a hybrid solution, RedKeyIT have the knowledge and experience to advise and support your decision making process. We also have the expertise to implement, monitor and manage your solution effectively and efficiently.

Virtual Cloud Concept with Multiple Clouds




Our approach

RedKeyIT takes a broad view of Backup & Disaster Recovery, working to ensure that every element of your infrastructure is aligned with the three principles of recovery management.


This allows us to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that’s tailored specifically to the needs of your business. By combining high availability into a robust and flexible plan, we’ll help minimise downtime and reduce the risk to your business.

Services we provide to you

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

    Create and document your Backup and Disaster Recovery plan, ensuring Business Continuity

  • Managed Backup

    Whether an interruption is caused by user error, technology failure, ransomware or a natural disaster our managed backup helps keep your business running

  • Proactive 24/7 Remote Monitoring

    For early detection and resolution across all devices. Patches and hotfixes applied to ensure computer performance remains optimal

  • Recovery

    Quick recovery of your mission-critical data and systems to minimise downtime

  • Reporting

    Detailed reports available for various actions, including backup success or failure and volume sizes

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