managed desktop as a service (DaaS)

Provision of virtual desktops over the Internet

what is DaaS?

Many applications are rooted to your desktop or laptop device. These devices are recognised as primary security vulnerability points in an organization. A user can fall victim to malware from an email or from an unpatched desktop software vulnerability.  Or one of your employees could have their device is stolen, with all your company data it was holding. The security of desktops and laptops through, maintenance of the latest patches, software releases, antivirus, along with a multitude of other needs can be full-time job.


Today, it is now possible to access applications with your device simply acting as a terminal, avoiding such risks and reducing workload.


One option is for your company to use a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) approach, where your employees access their files at any time and from any device. This is a very secure solution as no actual data leaves your data centre, nor is it stored on the local device. However, it is often complex and expensive to manage, requiring significant IT infrastructure and people resource.


The other option is Desktop as a Service (DaaS). This is a cloud service, providing virtual desktops to your employees over the Internet, licensed with a per-user subscription. Whilst it is a similar service to VDI, DaaS is less complex and faster to implement than VDI, more scalable than VDI and more cost effective.

Benefits to your Business

  • greater accessibility

    DaaS can be accessed from any device with connection to the internet. Meaning regardless of the device or operating system (Android, iOS, phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer) your employees will be able to access their desktop, increasing productivity.  Allowing staff to work remotely and via their own devices is a sure fire way to attract and retain the best talent

  • On-Demand Scalability

    DaaS enables user workstations to be added fast and easily. Particularly useful for rapidly expanding businesses or companies that utilise contract resource or temporary project teams, as there’s no hardware to procure, meaning you have the flexibility to create a desktop almost instantly and delete it when no longer required

  • improved security

    Lost or stolen laptops no longer provide a security risk. No data is on the local machine

  • Cost effective

    A subscription model, puts an end to the cycle of investment in desktop hardware, servers and licensing. DaaS can also remove much of the heavy housekeeping burden, enabling internal resource to be either streamlined or redeployed, while also lowering space, power and cooling requirements. Analysts estimate that adoption of a DaaS strategy can secure savings of 30-50% over a four-year timeframe

  • Better consistency and future-proofing

    Staff across your business can benefit from a common core desktop build (while still allowing for customisation), the same versions of applications, regular refresh, and continuous back-end investment, combining to deliver a unified and uniform environment and optimum user experience

  • fully managed

    RedKeyIT can manage your DaaS service releasing time for you and your IT team to focus on growing and developing your business

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