managed infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Delivery of servers, storage, networking and operating software through the internet as an abstract, virtualised construct

what is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a computing infrastructure that provides virtualized computing resources of servers, storage, networking and operating software to users through the internet.


IaaS means your business no longer need to purchase or maintain the traditional server, storage or networking hardware resources. You don’t have the worry of replacing old equipment or delivering a 24x7x365 uptime. You only pay for what you use. The result; you harness the flexibility and performance of best-of-breed technology, without the associated overheads. Three types of cloud exist:

Public Cloud

Public Cloud has multiple tenants and with pay-as you-go scalability. It is well suited for websites with public-facing operations and unpredictable or heavy traffic

Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides a single-tenant environment via virtual or dedicated servers. It is an ideal choice for securing your business data or where regulatory compliance is paramount

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud combines private clouds, public clouds and single-tenant dedicated servers. The private cloud offers advanced security, the public cloud provides scalability, and the single-tenant dedicated servers offer superior performance for applications that require it.

More than one cloud can be used in combination to deliver the best solution, which is what many small, medium and enterprise company’s do. It is worth keeping in mind that the Cloud Infrastructure Partners used by RedKeyIT are world leading technology companies, who can afford much more robust security on the servers, used by us,  especially when compared to the typical security available to small enterprises. Hence the Public Cloud can still be the best option for SMB’s.

Benefits to your Business

  • cost saving

    Using IaaS can dramatically reduce your infrastructure for your business, as you no longer need to purchase hardware for data centres, maintain and replace equipment, or ensure 24x7x365 uptime.  A pay-as-you-go model, where you pay for capacity only when you need it,  also enables your business to save money.

  • On-Demand Scalability

    Your business can quickly scale its capacity up and down depending on your business needs, changing opportunities in the marketplace, or consumer demand.  In addition, you don’t have to upgrade software, hardware, or troubleshoot equipment problems.

  • flexibility

    IaaS provides around-the-clock availability, enabling your employees to  access their apps, data and other resources from any location, as long as an Internet connection is available, empowering  a  mobile workforce.

  • disaster recovery

    IaaS provides the foundation for your business continuity and disaster-recovery plans. Your business is prepared for worst-case-scenarios.

  • Time to Market

    With its on-demand availability and robust agility, IaaS lets companies more rapidly develop and deploy new products and services, decreasing their time to market.

  • fully managed

    RedKeyIT can fully monitor and optimise your cloud infrastructure, releasing time for you to focus on growing and developing your business

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