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RedKeyIT will take away the distraction IT can cause your organisation, helping businesses of all sizes to focus on what's important

What makes RedKeyIT different from other Managed IT Service Providers?

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Even two identical looking businesses can have different business strategies. We will take the time to listen and understand your business and its goals, so we can tailor an IT solution fit to your needs, which is future proofed, with flexibility and scalability built-in.


We will review your existing IT infrastructure and establish a roadmap to refine your IT services to be founded on the latest technology. This will help to secure your data, protect your network and enable you to start exploiting technology for business benefits.


It can be a full time job to ensure value for money on your IT investment, and deliver an effective, efficient and secure IT service for your business. Pressures of workload, time and resource, or a lack of in-house IT skills, can so easily lead to regular IT service processes such as backups and version updates to be overlooked, leaving your essential systems and data open to risk.


RedKeyIT will take away the distraction IT can cause your organisation. We offer a comprehensive range of IT support packages and pay as you go services for all sizes of business and all levels of technical expertise, including support for in-house IT Teams.

Our Approach


We will review and document on the current status of your IT infrastructure. Then propose any refinements, and work with you to agree a plan of action.


We will implement the configuration of your IT services to deliver a secure and stable IT environment.


We will remotely monitor the performance of your IT infrastructure 24x7x365 for early detection of faults and issues across all devices.


Where we detect any faults or issues with your IT infrastructure, we will manage the situation to identify and implement a swift resolution. We will minimise any downtime to keep it running smoothly.


We can supply reports to show activities undertaken to maintain the secure and safe running of your IT services.

Whether you need

  • Remote and Onsite Managed Service

  • Remote Manged Service

  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) IT Service

  • IT Projects & Consulting

No matter what your needs, RedKeyIT are here for you!

What's included in our service?

We will assess your existing IT Infrastructure and create a roadmap to support and refine it, so that you can secure your data, protect your network and enable you to start exploiting technology for business benefits.

  • Remote Support

    Unlimited remote support for server, network, application and user devices, with around 95% of support calls resolved remotely

  • Onsite Site Visits

    Routine site visits to conduct a series of proactive maintenance checks, systems reporting and resolve any support issues users may have

  • Advanced Endpoint Monitoring

    Real-time endpoint monitoring for PC’s and Servers to detect viruses, performance issues and outages. Patches and updates applied to ensure computer performance remains optimal

  • Managed Email Security

    A cloud based solution which provides the tools needed to keep your organisations inbound and outbound emails safe from threats such as ransomware

  • Managed Web Security

    Tools to allow safe internet access for all the people within your organisation. Trusted by hundreds of organisations, from enterprise to small businesses to large schools and local government

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Protection of your business from data loss, hackers, ransomware and natural disasters

  • Third Party Management

    Management of third-party IT issues with application and service providers, including the management of third-party support cases on behalf of the client

  • IT Procurement

    Sourcing and supply of market leading hardware and software solutions at competitive rates

  • IT Strategic Roadmap

    We provide strategic advice on short-term and long-term IT plans using IT roadmap

Contact Us

We have experience of working across a wide range of sectors, with small and medium size companies, of single and multi-sites over a broad geographic area in the UK. We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss any potential requirements.

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