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‘Times are a changing’… it’s becoming the norm, so let’s do it safely…

Need Help With Remote Working?

Covid-19 has changed our approach to office work as we know it. At its peak, up to 47% of the UK workforce were working from home. 1 The Institute of Directors (IoD) say “Remote working has been one of the most tangible impacts of Covid-19 on the economy. For many, remote working could be here to stay. " 2  This view is supported by recent CBI research, that indicates beyond 2021 almost 50% of the UK workforce will split working evenly between an office/other workplace and their own home. 3 The future still looks uncertain.  We don’t yet know all the ways in which it will be different, however, what we do know is that any remote working set-up is only as good as the technology that enables it.


In an ideal world your business will have created a well-thought-out IT support strategy and implementation plan to survive and thrive in these unfamiliar times. In reality the rate of change to remote working was so rapid, that often this will have not been possible. It is no simple task to create the ideal productivity and user experience for working from home that delivers optimal data security and availability. Many businesses will have been unprepared for the IT hardware and software related support needs.


RedKeyIT can help you develop and implement a scalable and secure remote workforce solution based on a mix of technologies and platforms. We have proven real-world expertise on how these solutions differ and can work together.

How RedKeyIT can help

We will review your current IT infrastructure and outline refinements required to enable your employees to collaborate and communicate as freely as if they were in the office. We will consider:

  • Secure network connections between user devices that meet user connection needs everywhere

  • Protection of any internet-connected infrastructures, like servers, routers, etc

  • Use of VPNS, VDI or SDPs in combination to create a highly granular, scalable and segmented multiple level user access framework

  • Applications to enable smooth collaboration and communication

  • Meet DevOps and departmental specific needs for secure access and permissions that are constantly evolving

  • Components that need to be integrated with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments

  • Components that can be combined as part of a zero-trust security model through micro segmentation

“During COVID and post lockdown we had multiple issues with our server/stations and RedKeyIT was on the ball throughout to get us up and running with minimum downtime. I confidently recommend Barry and his team to anyone seeking IT support solutions.”


Ankush Gupta, Director - St Anne's Group (UK) Ltd

Benefits to your Business

  • Increased Productivity

    Fewer workplace distractions and the autonomy of working during hours employees find most productive can increase efficiency and higher job satisfaction

  • Competitive differentiator for your business

    Remote working expands access to a broader talent pool and a positive influence on employee retention

  • Future proofing your business

    RedKeyIT supports your business with the latest remote working technology, which is scalable allowing for your business to grow

  • Reduced business expenses

    The latest collaboration tools enable meetings involving people from around the country or overseas to be completed without stepping outside your door, significantly reducing business expenses

  • Less reliance on centralised office space

    Can also create capital cost savings and reduce corporate environmental impact


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We have experience of working across a wide range of sectors, with small and medium size companies, of single and multi-sites over a broad geographic area in the UK. We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss any potential requirements.

1 Homeworking in the UK: Before and During the 2020 Lockdown         2 Institute of Directors (IoD)          3Confederation of British Industry (CBI) – No Turning Back

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