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VOIP or Voice Over IP is a telephone communication system that uses the internet to transfer your telephone call data

The UK’s best VOIP hosted platform

In partnership with Southern Communications, our award-winning UK telecoms partner, RedKeyIT will manage the relationship for you to provide both a bespoke solution designed to your exact requirements and manage all ongoing issues and maintenance.


Our leading ‘Evonex’ hosted VoIP telephony platform is built on one of the most reliable hosted platforms, with built in resilience at all levels. It provides fast, reliable and efficient communications across a dedicated network, tailored to the needs and usage of your business, whether small, medium or large. Evonex is one of the most feature rich systems on the market, yet intuitively and easy to use, and delivers all the features you need to keep in touch with your customers and staff.


Simplify communications with Evonex and enable your mobile device to be an extension of your telephone system. Use just one number, present your office number from your mobile, ring multiple devices at the same time, use your desk phone from your home office and benefit from the convenience of Instant Messaging.


The Evonex phone system operates in the cloud, which removes the need for costly physical hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN telephone lines from phone providers. Instead, your business phone system is hosted remotely and connected to via the Internet. Essentially, the phone system becomes a piece of software rather than hardware, bringing with it savings in office space, on costly maintenance and upgrades, and easily scalable to the growth of your business.


What’s more, in 2025 BT will be switching off all ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services related to  PBX systems, and as early as 2021 will stop selling PSTN and ISDN products in a further 117 exchanges from June 2021. Hosted telephony will future proof your telephony platform, as well as provide resilient backup and disaster recovery benefits.

what's included

  • Fully Managed & Future Proofed Telephony

    RedKeyIT, with our award winning telecoms Partner Southern Communications, will ensure the efficient and effective operations of your Hosted VoIP telephony system, with 24/7 maintenance and support, and remote upgrades. With hosted telephony and remote upgrades, your system is future proofed and safeguarded against downtime and disruption

  • Feature Rich Telephony

    Enjoy high definition voice quality, an easy to use web portal and dashboard, video and voice conferencing all integrated across your phone and desktop

  • Flexibility

    Instant messaging, presence and click to call features enable you to instantly see who is available and connect with them, while hunt groups and wallboards help you manage and monitor your inbound calls and group communications

  • Monitor team activity

    The easy to use portal enables company administrators and site administrators to view team activity and make real-time changes. Users can quickly and easily access standard features such as call forwarding, busy and much more

  • Headsets

    The Evonex range of feature-rich handsets suit every requirement including; headset users, conference rooms, reception or boardrooms, allowing you to get the best results from the technology

  • Network management reports

    Understand how many calls are not getting through, providing valuable insight into what business you could be losing and how you could improve the call handling within your business

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